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“Sometimes you capture the moment and other times the moment captures you”

My name is Jay Borbajo and I’m a husband and father of two beautiful children. My journey behind the lens began in 2010 as an automotive photographer but my passion has always been in film making.

For me, there’s no greater satisfaction then causing someone to smile, laugh, cry tears of joy or even give them goosebumps.

As much as I love photography, I have always felt that you could only capture so much of the story or emotion in a photograph and this is what led to my fascination with film making.

Socal Videographer
Second Videographer

“FOREVER is composed of NOWS”

Hi, I am Brian lam. I love events in general. I like seeing people coming together to celebrate and enjoy a special occasions. I have been taking pictures and videos of events for 15 years now. From small family birthday parties to weddings to large festivals I’ve done it all. It’s my pleasure to be working with the best people at the best events. There is nothing like a precious memory that can be relived through video and photos. Telling the story of a monumental moment for someone brings me so much happiness. I look forward in being apart of future great events by capturing memories that will be shared and retold for many days to come. Carpe diem!

“Photography is a love affair with life”

Hi, I am Leonardo Cerutti or you can call me Leo.
With a keen eye, a desire to create experiences, and a passion for telling stories, I truly enjoy capturing moments that you will treasure. When I pick up my camera I am not only thinking of making great pictures, but rather to capture a laugh, a cry, and the genuine parts of life that make us human. I am open to all kinds of creative processes, but choose to specialize in weddings, portraits, and any event or subject that carries stories through their character.
If you are looking to create experiences, if you want people to feel, and if you need documentation that transcends the life of your subject, you’re in the right place.
Good relationships starts with good communication, let’s start ours here.

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